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A Selection of Resources and Useful Links for Parents, Youth and Newcomers to Ontario


Parents partenaires en éducation ("Parents Partners in Education")
By way of partnerships, Parent partenaires en éducation (PPE) is committed to informing, training and raising awareness for all parents in their role as the first educators of their children. Its mandate is to represent the parents of all students attending French-language schools and support them in playing an active role in their school community as well as in their school board.

Ontario Ministry of Education
In this section, you will find all the information you need as a parent about the school system and how to play a part in your child’s education.

Association francophone de parents d'enfants dyslexiques ou ayant tout autre trouble d'apprentissage (AFPED+)
AFPED+ provide parents with the support they need in order for their children with specific difficulties  to have a better chance to succeed academically and achieve their life objectives.

Children and Teenagers

SOS Devoirs (Personal Homework Assistance)
A personalized homework assistance service for French¬language education students from grades 1 to 12.
Minimag Activity Guides – Ages 4–7
Minimag is a magazine destined to stimulate 4- to 8-year-old children's interest in reading while fostering the development of their cultural identity. (Includes activity guides for parents, some in both French and English.)
Reading and Counting “en français” at Home (French title: Lire et compter en français)
A free downloadable guide suggesting fun activities for parents to do with their children (ages 4–5) to help them improve their ability to read, speak and count in French. A bilingual version of this guide is published annually.
WIGUP.TV is a Creative Social Network for Schools. It was conceived to inspire youth between 9 and 14 years of age to become who they really are.
La Boussole (Website)
La boussole includes a wide variety of highly useful links to help secondary school students clarify their career path.
Cooperative Education Program
A program that allows students to apply two co-op credits towards their compulsory high school graduation requirements, with no limit on earning optional co-op credits.
Ontario College Application Service (OCAS)
Ontario Universities’ Application Centre
Ontario Skills Passport
The Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) provides clear descriptions of essential skills and work habits important for success in work, learning and life.


This site provides information on various aspects of life in Ontario, from the moment you set foot in your new environment, as well as information to help you prepare for your arrival. It displays, among other things, valuable information in French on: immigration and citizenship, housing, health, employment, education, law, daily life

Francophone immigration: Across Canada, French-speaking communities are ready to welcome you.

This site introduces you to several aspects of Francophone immigration in Canada, but in particular that of French settlement services, services that help newcomers to integrate by giving them information on housing, the job market and the Canadian society.

Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
The Government of Ontario provides a range of information to help you with your decision to settle in the province of Ontario. You will find all the information you need about housing and health care, and how to find a career or job, start a business or pursue your education.

Parents partenaires en éducation - PPE ("Parent Partners in Education")
PPE has developed various tools to help newcomer parents navigate the education system and to raise their awareness of the importance of playing a part in their children’s education.
Nouveaux jeunes
Online community for young French-speaking Newcomers. Information and referral center for young immigrants across Ontario.
International Students: Do you want to stay and work in Ontario?

Settlement Workers in Schools

This program, which is available in some French-language elementary and secondary schools, places settlement workers in schools to greet and assist newcomers and their children. The work carried out by SWIS is intended to ease the integration and full development of newcomers.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) / Francophone Immigration (outside Quebec)

Francophone communities are spread across the country. This section of the website informs you about a variety of services and information in French. You will find the following information: Studying in French, Living in a Francophone Community, Preparing for Life in Canada, Finding Immigrant Aid Services in French ...

Educational Resources

Ontario Ministry of Education
"Publications" menu on the Web site of the Ministry of Education This section includes French resources for parents, students and teaching staff.
French publications:
This website gathers French-language resources and learning tools produced by the Ontario's Ministry of Education, in collaboration with its partners. These resources are intended for teaching staff who work in Ontario's French-language schools. Additionally, a number of sections, such as the "Cycle préparatoire et primaire" provide guides for parents.
Centre franco-ontarien de ressources pédagogiques (CFORP)
This organisation supports French-language education by offering quality services and carrying out innovative projects. It develops and distributes French-language educational resources. CFORP also supports teachers by offering vocational training and coaching.

IDÉLLO (Groupe média TFO)
The web site IDÉLLO is a digital platform designed to meet the needs of teachers, educators, pupils and parents who wish to experience a playful and secure collaborative learning platform. This site offers: categorization by school level, material, themes, skills, etc.; resource sharing between teachers, pupils and parents;
files and educational guides.
Ressources éducatives de l'Ontario ( RÉDO)
A web site grouping educational resources produced by the Ministry of Education of Ontario for the French language schools. This Web site also includes a dynamic video entitled "On est francopositifs".

Stepping up
Stepping Up is the Government of Ontario's evidence-based strategic framework for improving youth outcomes. It is a guide for decision-making, program planning and partnerships so that everyone involved in supporting youth between 12 and 25, can work together through a common, shared approach.
The Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities (CIRLM)

The Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities is a centre of excellence whose role is to lead, bring together and partner with research centres, researchers, community agencies and government bodies in order to promote a greater knowledge of the status of Canada's official language minorities and a better understanding of the priority issues that concern them.


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