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A Unique Experience


Those who benefit from a French-language education develop sustainable bilingualism and an openness to the world. French-language education also fosters each student’s identity-building and provides him or her with a sense of cultural belonging to the francophonie within Ontario, Canada and the world.

A welcoming and Diverse Francophone Community

The diversity of the Francophone community in Ontario enhances the cultural environment of French-language education: its early years programs and licenced child care services; its publicly funded Catholic and public French-language schools, its French-language colleges of applied arts and technology, its bilingual universities. Considering the ever-growing diversity of Ontario’s population, French-language education provides programs and services to welcome and assist all parents who wish to enrol their children in a French-language school, as well as all students who sign up for postsecondary education or training programs offered in French. 

A Welcoming and Inclusive Environment

French-language education is devoted to:

  • offering all students a warm, inclusive and effective welcome, regardless of their mother tongue or how fluent they are in French;
  • adopting practices that foster diversity and the cultural integration of newcomers into the community;
  • offering students a Francophone environment that fosters the aquisition of the Francophone culture;
  • encouraging members of the community to participate in activities organized by the school community;
  • providing access to activities organized by the community at large for educational purposes.

Student Success and Well-Being

Enviable Student Results

Students attending the French-language schools perform remarkably well in the provincial tests administered by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)

 Some examples of results for the year 2018-2019:

  • 93% met the average grade on the reading test, Grade 6;
  • 82% met the average grade on the mathematics test, Grade 6;
  • 96% met the average grade on Ontario provincial literacy test, Grade 10. 

Excellent Graduation Rates

The same is true regarding high school graduation rates among Ontario students attending French-language Catholic and public secondary schools. In order to optimize every student’s chance of succeeding academically, socially and professionally, special attention is given to each student based on his or her particular needs.

Correspondingly, French-language education in Ontario offers a wide variety of options. Postsecondary institutions belonging to the French-language education network also demonstrate excellent results for each of the following performance indicators:

  • graduation rate;
  • student satisfaction rate;
  • graduate satisfaction rate;
  • employer satisfaction rate;
  • graduate employment rate.

To learn more about the performance level of the French-language and bilingual postsecondary institutions belonging to the French-language education network, please visit their websites (Contact Lists). You can also learn more about the key performance indicators for Ontario colleges, as well as the Common University Data Ontario (CUDO).

Above Success: The Well-Being of Every Student

In 2014, the Ministry of Education developed a renewed vision for education with Achieving Excellence that sets out to expand what student ‘success’ meant for Ontario students, by focusing on equity, well-being and continued improvements in students’ academic achievement.

At the core of Achieving Excellence is a commitment to collaborative, continuous learning among students, families, educators, communities and government. The ultimate goal being to build a stronger education system that supports all students and creates the best possible teaching and learning experience to help students reach their full potential in school and in life.


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