Special Education

Centre Jules-Léger

The Centre Jules-Léger is designed to accommodate students with serious learning disabilities, namely those who have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity or who suffer from blindness, deafness or deafblindness. It offers a learning environment in which each student can develop his or her full intellectual, linguistic, cultural, spiritual, social and emotional potential. To better meet the needs of each student, the administration and staff of the Centre Jules-Léger work in collaboration with both Catholic and public school boards, the parents, other learning centres and the francophone community throughout Ontario.

Demonstration School
The Centre Jules-Léger is affiliated with the Ontario Ministry of Education’s network of provincial and demonstration schools. Since 1979, the Centre has been offering various specialized education programs, including one designed for francophone students in Ontario with severe learning disabilities. This program includes a demonstration school and a residence, as well as a training and advisory service.

Provincial School
The provincial school offers quality education programs to francophone students in Ontario who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or deafblind and who do not have access to an appropriate program in their community.