• Minimag Activity Guides – Ages 4–7

    Minimag is a magazine destined to stimulate 4- to 7-year-old children's interest in reading while fostering the development of their cultural identity. (Includes activity guides for parents, some in both French and English.)

  • Mon mag à moi Website – Ages 8–11

    Mon mag à moi is a magazine designed to educate and entertain children ages 8–11. Its content includes games, jokes, cartoons, feature articles, etc. It encourages children to explore local, provincial and international francophone culture. The magazine's website includes all sorts of additional activities for children, as well as reading activity guides.

  • Reading and Counting “en français” at Home (French title: Lire et compter en français)

    A free downloadable guide suggesting fun activities for parents to do with their children (ages 4–5) to help them improve their ability to read, speak and count in French. A bilingual version of this guide is published annually.

Educational Resources

  • Resources for purchase

    The product catalogue of the Éditions CFORP publishing house and its bookstore, Librairie du Centre, can be downloaded in PDF format from the Librairie du Centre's website, in the Catalogues section, at

  • Educational resources

    Devoted to French-language school boards in Ontario, the website of the "Réseau provincial de mise en œuvre en matière d'équité et d'éducation inclusive" features a "Ressources pédagogiques" section offering resources to support the Ontario Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy.

  • ÉduSource

    This website gathers French-language resources and learning tools produced by the Ontario's Ministry of Education, in collaboration with its partners. These resources are intended for teaching staff who work in Ontario's French-language schools. Additionally, a number of sections, such as the "Cycle préparatoire et primaire" provide guides for parents. To find out more:

  • TFO Éducation:

    TFO Éducation's website is a multimedia platform designed to meet the specific needs of educators both in the classroom and beyond. It provides teachers with rich, up-to-date teaching resources in French, along with a virtual space where they can work and interact with their colleagues and their students.


  • An orientation video for newcomer students offers a video titled New Moves (Nouvelles vies in French) for educators and other people working with young newcomers who are studying in Ontario.

  • Francophone Immigration Networks

    The francophone immigration network is a program to favor immigration within the French-speaking communities in minority situations. It aims at facilitating the establishment and the successful integration of the French-speaking immigrants in Ontario.

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada

    The Government of Canada explains the requirements for immigrating to and studying in Canada. You will find information on required permits, diploma equivalency procedures, if required, and the benefits of continuing your education in Canada.


    This site provides information on various aspects of life in Ontario, from the moment you set foot in your new environment, as well as information to help you prepare for your arrival.

  • I Live in French (French title: Je vis en français)

    An educational tool offered by the CFORP to support the integration of young francophone immigrants and encourage their interaction with other francophone youths from traditional communities in Ontario's French-language schools.

  • Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

    The Government of Ontario provides a range of information to help you with your decision to settle in the province of Ontario. You will find all the information you need about housing and health care, and how to find a career or job, start a business or pursue your education.

  • Parents partenaires en éducation ("Parent Partners in Education")

    PPE has developed various tools to help newcomer parents navigate the education system and to raise their awareness of the importance of playing a part in their children’s education.
    The following link provides testimonials from parents like you who chose the French-language education system.

  • Groupe Média TFO

    Directory: "Jeux et Apps" : Videos, films, music, series, apps and educational games for the whole family.

  • Ontario Ministry of Education

    "Publications" menu on the Web site of the Ministry of Education This section includes French resources for parents, students and teaching staff.
    French publications:

  • Regroupement Ethnoculturel des Parents Francophones de l'Ontario (REPFO)

    This organization was created to address the needs of newcomer parents in Ontario who come from ethnocultural communities.

  • Settlement Workers in Schools

    This program, which is available in some French-language elementary and secondary schools, places settlement workers in schools to greet and assist newcomers and their children. The work carried out by SWIS is intended to ease the integration and full development of newcomers.

  • Information kit for newcomers

    An information kit about French-language education for newcomers to Ontario has been developed by the Élargir l'espace francophone team. The kit is called A world of possibilities/Un monde de possibilities. It introduces newcomers to the French-language education system and highlights its advantages. Users can access information regarding school admission criteria, information on finding a French-language school or school board, and a directory of the main community resources.
    The information is available in English as well as in six other languages: Arabic, Creole, Spanish, Lingala, Kiswahili and Vietnamese.

    To consult the electronic version of this kit, please visit



  • La boussole Website

    La boussole includes a wide variety of highly useful links to help secondary school students clarify their career path.

  • QUAD9 Website – Ages 12–15

    QUAD9 is a magazine targeting teenagers. It covers current topics and features various activities, as well as places and people that are familiar to its readers. Its website includes all sorts of additional activities for teenagers, as well as reading activity guides.

Teaching Staff

  • Ontario Ministry of Education

    "Publications" menu on the Web site of the Ministry of Education This section includes French resources for parents, students and teaching staff.
    French publications:

  • Transition planning guide

    This guide provides parents and teachers with tools and strategies to help students make a smooth and effective transition from school to work. Schools and school boards are not expected to integrate every suggestion outlined in the guide in elaborating students' transition plans: the guide presents a wide range of ideas and suggestions from which teachers and parents can select the most appropriate strategies, according to local realities and context.