Our Mission

Our mission

French-Language Education in Ontario pursues an important social mission based on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In addition to ensuring the academic, personal and professional success of its students, FLE is dedicated to conveying and promoting the French language and the culture of the francophone community in Ontario. FLE is the social instrument that guarantees the prosperity of the francophone community in Ontario, as in Canada’s other provinces.

Growth is essential to the vitality of any organization. School boards therefore work tirelessly to make their establishments more accessible to the communities they serve. This allows them to fully carry out their mission and to provide their clientele with French schools in their area.

“(…) a minority community cannot develop itself without its school. The physical presence of a school is at the heart of a community’s vitality. It serves as a tool against assimilation, supports the social and cultural growth of individuals, and symbolizes the vitality of a community. Schools also have an important social mandate: in addition to bringing children and parents together, they allow them to develop a sense of belonging within their community.”

Supreme Court of Canada, Arsenault Cameron v. Prince-Edward Island, [2000] 1 S.C.R. 3

French-language education in Ontario offers a unique experience. Those who benefit from a French-language education develop true and sustainable bilingualism and an openness to the world. FLE also fosters each student’s identity-building and provides him or her with a sense of cultural belonging to the francophone community within Ontario, Canada and the world.

Students and pupils at FLE live and learn in French, while evolving in a predominantly English-speaking environment. In addition, English is taught starting in elementary school, with the same rigour as in English-speaking schools.

Students who receive a high-school diploma from a French-language school are likely to be proficient in both Canada’s official languages. This increases their chances of being admitted to the post-secondary education or training program of their choice, as they can apply to French-language, English-language or bilingual institutions.

All of our graduates develop high-level, sustainable bilingualism, as well as a sense of belonging to the francophone community, while remaining active and involved in the greater community. This provides them with highly promising career opportunities in either official language, within the province or abroad. FLE trains its students to evolve and succeed on the world stage.

Education: More than just schooling

We are committed to the development of each student pursuing education in Ontario’s French-language schools. In order to optimize the success and the cultural, intellectual, social, physical and psychological development of each student under its care, the staff of FLE’s schools:

  • Ensure a constant collaboration between several important players and the school;
  • Participate in creating relationships between families and communities to better meet the needs and expectations of each pupil and student;
  • Offer support to all parents, including those whose main language is not French.

A proactive welcome

FLE is devoted to:

  • Offering all students a warm, inclusive and effective welcome, regardless of their mother tongue or how fluent they are in French;
  • Adopting practices that foster diversity and the cultural integration of newcomers into the community;
  • Offering students a francophone environment that fosters identity development and cultural affirmation;
  • Encouraging members of the community to participate in activities organized by the school community;
  • Providing access to activities organized by the community at large for educational purposes.

Options for everyone

FLE offers a range of programs and services intended for people of all age groups:

Support: The key to success

“Like the welcoming provided to students, student support is by no means one-sided. The process involves the participation of the school, family and student, who share responsibility for the student’s academic success.”

Ministry’s Policies (Programmes d’accueil et d’accompagnement)
Parent Partners in Education (PPE)

Commitment to the success and well-being of every student and child

Achieving Excellence – A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario (French version): http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/fre/document/policy/admissions.pdf
A document demonstrating the Ministry of Ontario's committed to the success and well-being of every student and child.