A Unique Education

A unique experience

In a French-language school, students live and learn in French. Indeed, the experience offered by FLE is very different from the immersion programs at English-language schools.

Dedicated to passing on and promoting francophone culture, FLE offers a unique cultural experience to its students. An agent of change and important partner in our society, FLE actively contributes to the development and vitality of francophone communities, which in turn enhances the quality of life for all citizens in Ontario.

Early childhood programs and services

Convinced that learning begins with exploration and play, all French-language school boards in Ontario offer full-time junior and senior kindergarten programs for children starting at age 4. These programs favour each child’s personal, social and intellectual development, optimizing his or her long-term success.

In addition, some school boards offer or are preparing to offer programs destined for 3-year-old children.

A dynamic and diverse francophone community

The diversity of the francophone community in Ontario enhances the cultural environment of FLE’s French schools and colleges, as well as that of bilingual universities. In light of the ever-growing diversity of Ontario’s population, FLE provides programs and services to welcome and assist all parents who wish to enrol their children in a French school, as well as all students who sign up for post-secondary education programs offered in French.

A student-dedicated community

FLE works in collaboration with various organizations in the community in order to expand the range of services it offers. In some cases, services can even be offered to help parents support their child’s academic and personal success.


French-language schools

French-language schools nurture the cultural and linguistic vitality of the francophone community in Ontario.

Immersion programs (English-language schools)

Immersion programs play a complementary role, increasing the number of anglophones proficient in French as a second language.

Target groups

French-language schools

Francophones, newcomers and those who submit a request following the policies established by the chosen school board. View admission criteria.

Immersion programs

Anglophone students to whom French is taught as a second language within an English-language school.

Academic approach

French-language schools

French-language schools are educational establishments in their own right where students live and learn in French. They are managed by one of the 12 French-language school boards in Ontario (8 catholic school boards and 4 public school boards ). All subjects are taught in French except for English, which is taught following the same curriculum as in English-language schools.

Immersion programs

French immersion programs are offered by English-language school boards within English-language schools. Immersion programs teach French as a second language. In addition, at least two other subjects are taught in French.

To better understand the difference between French-language schools and French language immersion programs offered in the English language system, please read this information sheet.