Living in French in Ontario

Services to the French-Speaking Community

Living in French in Ontario


In Ontario, it is possible not only to study in French, but also to live and work in French. You are invited to join the French-speaking community and to learn more about the services offered to this community by visiting the website Élargir l’espace francophone at:

Élargir l’espace francophone

Information kits on French-language services in Ontario


 Élargir l’espace francophone is an initiative which, with the support of the education sector, aims to create collaborative networks and to forge links between the community groups, the governmental authorities and the private sector. Their website presents, among others, links to an array of services offered to the French-speaking community:

  • community services;
  • health services;
  • employment services;
  • governmental services;
  • videos on the francophone community and on the French-language school boards.

The information is available by region and city :

Video : There is a Place for Everyone in the Francophone Community


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