Adult Education

Whether you wish to complete your education, increase your skills for the job market or simply learn an official language, our schools offer continuing and adult education options that are perfectly adapted to your needs.

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Adult Education

The French-language school system offers its support to everyone who has the desire to pursue an education, including young dropouts who wish to return to school and obtain their secondary school diploma (OSSD), adult learners who must acquire skills essential to their personal or professional development, workers who have been laid off and who want to upgrade their skills to increase their chances of finding another job and newcomers who are looking to perfect their language skills or complete their studies.

  • The Literacy and Basic Skills program offers upgrading courses to adults who have not completed grade 9 (first year of secondary school). This program is offered by several school boards, by applied arts and technology colleges, and by over 30 community organizations.
  • School boards offer learners various programs and means to acquire the credits they need to obtain their OSSD: daytime or evening courses, full-time or part-time courses, course packages, independent studies, online courses, and prior learning assessment and recognition (which offers credit for experience and knowledge acquired outside of traditional school systems).
  • School boards also teach French and English as a second language to adult newcomers.
  • In addition to the Literacy and Basic Skills program, colleges offer an academic upgrading program equivalent to the OSSD.

All of these programs are free. To obtain more information and locate a service in your area, visit the following website:

You may also consult the Coalition ontarienne de formation des adultes (COFA).